Sleep is good, but books are better

The title is actually a quote by George R. R. Martin, and although I haven’t read “Game of Thrones” yet, and neither have I seen the film, I still love love love these words. I’ve been very much focused on work lately and I don’t feel like taking photos in the very few spare minutes I have…  Thankfully I suddenly found my old flame for reading rekindled, so this uninspired period is not completely blank and unimaginative… I finally installed the Kindle app on my computer, at least until I get a Kindle device, and am currently reading “White Teeth” by Zadie Smith and “Reasons to be cheerful” by Nina Stibbe as e-books. Both I’ve found through the wonderful Reading Group in the Guardian. And both make me giggle lol… I still flip through paper pages these days too, enjoying “Anne of Green Gables” by L.M. Montgomery. Honestly, children’s novels are the best 😀 I also meant to read “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurer, after all Gothic fiction won me an MA in literature (too) many years ago… but the minute I saw there is a film based on the novel directed by Hitchcock, I settled on seeing just the film… um, maybe that was a mistake lol 😀 So there’s that, I got a new hobby lol…

Wishing you a lovely new week ahead…


Last photo for June

I came across a fun photo challenge recently here on WP… Brian at Bushboy World invites us to post the last photo we’ve taken during the month, phone or camera, no editing, not even focus required lol 😀  You guys, there will be so many photo fails I’ll be posting for this challenge in the future lol 😀 Joining in this month with the last photo on my phone, no photos on my cameras, alas, which I hope to remedy in July… I realized I rarely if ever snap flowers and this one could very well be the first one I post, but I just could not resist for its lovely color and for its unusual location, in the garden of a shopping center, right next to the possibly busiest intersection in my otherwise drab and grey neighbourhood… so little needed sometimes to brighten up the day 🙂 Happy July!!


Rivers know this…

Every time I take a look at this photo, I think of vay cay. There are only two weeks left till the end of this school year and the boys literally can’t wait… tbh, me too lol 😀 We are not summer travelling this year, but at least there will be no more tests, further mathematics and early rising… Past few weeks have been pretty hectic at both their schools, the online education only makes it all even more chaotic, given that I work from home too… I haven’t taken a single photo this month, but I can tell you all about incircles and excircles of a triangle, which happens to be 8th grade maths lol…

Posting this in an attempt not to miss an entire month of posting, and in response to Nancy Merrill’s photo a week challenge: Water


May at a glance

I know there are two more days left of May, but I need to catch up on work during the weekend, so will hardly have any time to take any more shots, alas… I was watching a photographer on YouTube the other day, who had a video of him travelling 200 miles to take a self-portrait shot (link)… I want to have that much dedication, and I want to have that much time for photography, honestly. While clearly, we haven’t even had time to make it to the hairdresser yet, even a hoodie can’t hide that fact lol… At least the lockdown is now completely lifted here, which is good news, and even though it has been raining almost the entire month, we still enjoy our walks outside, maybe even the more so…

I’m so stoked that I have been able to stick to the monthly grids for a 4-th month now… can’t wait to see what June will bring… 😀


The heart is a lonely hunter

It’s been a long and rainy week, and I don’t mind the rainy part. Curling up now with this book by Carson McCullers, which I’m referring to in the title… it’s such a weird moody read, but I’m hardly at page 60 yet, so let’s see how my love affair with the “Southern Gothic” goes… Best part is I’m not setting the alarm for early tomorrow…

Wishing you a peaceful weekend, you guys xx


It’s been a good day

Teenagers are the most elusive creatures, mine is almost impossible to catch on camera lol… So when I got the chance today I literally forgot all about proper framing, rule of thirds, etc bla-bla photography stuff, I even forgot to move my finger off the camera of my phone as I discovered only later 😅 But I got a shot, so it’s been a good day 😀

Sending smiles your way, hope everyone’s enjoying a lovely week

P.S. bw or color?



The block across the street

Yep, that’s one ghostly block, you guys…jk 😀

“Vertical panning” experiment or the effect you get when you forget to change the previous settings on your camera and take a hand-held photo at 4″ lol 😀

As much as I like a good focus in a photo, I have been in love with blurrisms for years… I think out of focus photography is a spectacular way to convey mood… I’ve seen amazing photos shot by “vertical panning” mostly in nature, but given I got to experiment in urban setting that’s what I got for now… Effect or defect, what say you? To be continued…


End of lockdown

The month of May has brought us the news that we can go out to parks and ditch wearing face masks outdoors, the 2-ft distancing remains in place. Kids will not be going back to school tho. They will finish this school year remotely. I never thought I’d see the day when the boyz will be disappointed they can’t go back to school lol 😀 Let’s hope this will be the first and last photo I post of a face mask… How are things where you are?


April at a glance

I wish I had time to take photos every day, but in reality, if I have taken at least one photo a week, it’s been a good month. And this month I took more even tho it was one hell of an April. We spent the entire month at home due to the lockdown, as did the rest of the world… With all the homeschooling goin on during the day, I had to work during the nights to keep my job. I kept working through 5-day headaches, puking from headaches and getting nosebleeds from puking. True story! At the end of the month tho, the bills are paid, the boys are fed, I kept my job and I am more than happy to have captured a few moments of home bliss and moody peace, cuz that’s how I wish to remember this April… 🙂 I’ll also remember it for all the positive energy and wonderful sense of community here on the blogs, this lockdown has been so much more bearable thanks to you, guys xxx

PS. Making these monthly grids is so much fun, the plan is to post one for each month, if I have photos for that month, that is lol… There, I’ve written it down, it’s sealed now and I should not be giving up the project…



It’s Easter here today (the Orthodox Easter). So by tradition yesterday we dyed eggs, more like the little one dyed his hands lol… Typically we would travel on this day, go out of the capital city to some place in the mountain for a couple of days… This year we are staying home, but we are staying together, healthy and very much all smiles, and that’s all that matters.

PS. And obviously there is no such thing as a bad hair day lol…